Does Your Child Have Maths-Anxiety? They may not understand multiplication! Here is a Solution.  After 7 days on this most will have mastered it.

Unfortunately many students never move from additive thinking to multiplicative thinking! This should be achieved well before leaving primary school. This short course combined with the manipulative will do this.

Here’s what people are saying about MTB:

Multiplicative Thinking Blocks (MTB)

Chris Dole

Primary Teacher

They get a much better understanding 

It is important for students to be able to hold touch and move things. They get a much better understanding than from pictures in a book or on a screen. 

Barbara Lane

Middle School Teacher

More needs to be done earlier

Unfortunately most yes most students leave high school with a poor grasp of multiplication. They get by with a calculator or counting on their fingers. More needs to be done earlier

Marie Jones


early days yet but I am encouraged.

My child hated maths and argued that he didn't need to learn tables. THat why there were calculators. He is enjoying working with the MTB, early days yet but I am encouraged.

what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn with

Multiplicative Thinking Blocks (MTB)!

Mathematics is beautiful, it is not a series of tricks or
magic designed only to be remembered or regurgitated in
a test. It can be difficult for anyone to understand maths
unless the patterns are recognised as links between
concepts and strategies. Mathematical Thinking Blocks are
designed to allow students easy access to understanding
the patterns in multiplication and division, which is a
prerequisite to being able to understand proportional
reasoning and algebraic manipulations. Multiplicative
thinking is different to additive thinking. We need the ability
to be able to swap between addition and multiplication.
Multiplication is much more than repeated addition, as
division is much more than repeated subtraction.


Mathematics should be fun. Working with manipulatives is a much more pleasant experience than a dry text book.  It is also more rewarding than a computer screen. 



When you do something you remember it much better than just seeing or hearing  it.


Everyone can count, most people can add, did you know that most younger people do not know their tables and cannot think multiplicatively. 

50 years ago this was not the case, we need to fix this.

About the Author 

Christine Lenghaus

Thank you so much for using Mathematical Thinking
Blocks (MTB). I hope you enjoyed using your whole
brain to learn and feel more like you can be a hero in your
maths classroom.
If you have any further questions or comments, please
feel free to contact me either via or 0439 316 805,
I would love to have a maths chat!
Thank you, Christine.

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