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Multiplicative Thinking Blocks (MTB)

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*Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Additive thinking vs multiplicative thinking
  3. Why are the blocks & beads read vertically and not horizontally?
  4. Learning times tables
  5. Doubling
  6. Threes
  7. Fours
  8. Five
  9. Sixes
  10. Sevens
  11. Eights
  12. Nines
  13. Tens
  14. Elevens
  15. Twelves
  16. Factors
  17. Part — Part — Whole
  18. Multiplying single digit by a double digit
  19. Multiplying double digit numbers
  20. Division
  21. Secondary Mathematics
  22. Algebra – Expanding aka from multiplication to addition
  23. Perfect Squares
  24. Algebra — Factorising aka from addition to multiplication
  25. Difference of Two Squares
  26. Non-monic quadratics
  27. Completing the square
  28. Blank algebra tiles template
  29. Table
Multiplicative Thinking Blocks

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